I've had the privilege of working with writers at all stages of writing and publishing—from fleshing out the first inkling of a book idea, to editing completed manuscripts, stories, and essays, to proofreading books headed to print. My clients have completed short works of fiction and nonfiction, fiction and nonfiction books, academic publications, commercial projects, children's books, and a wide range of personal writing projects. I've enjoyed helping writers wield their best techniques and develop new ones, and I particularly enjoy helping writers hone voice and organize and develop creative writing ideas into works of art. I also work with academic publishers and writers. My clients are located throughout the U.S. and Europe, thanks to Skype and email, and I'm available to meet in person with local clients at my Vermont office. 

Available services include:

  • Prose manuscript review (fiction or nonfiction), flat rate

  • Copyediting, hourly rate

  • Proofreading, hourly rate

  • Developmental editing, hourly rate

You can contact me using the form below with questions about my availability and rates. I look forward to hearing about your project. 

Current availability for book-length works (application and deposit required):

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December (1)

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NOTE: I am currently only accepting new clients who wish to obtain a manuscript review for a full-length work of fiction or nonfiction (discovery draft or full draft) and clients who need proofreading or copyediting services for the same. 

Client Testimonials

"Angela has twice read a novel in progress of mine and each time she provided me with a considered, in-depth review and clear, constructive notations on the manuscript. Her reviews were comprehensive and well-organized, reflecting the time and care she took with my work. I learned so much from working with Angela and my writing improved as a result. She is a welcome blend of talented professional, fearless editor, and encouraging coach. "

-- Margaret Grant

"Angela edited for me about a year ago, and I was impressed not only with the level of detail she put into my manuscript, but with our phone call, during which she talked me through some of the micro- and macro-level suggestions and edits she had. I was able to ask her a lot of questions, run specific revision ideas by her, and hear about what her editors looked for while editing her memoir, which helped me in particular, since my manuscript was a memoir.

After I applied Angela's edits, I sent my manuscript to an agent and was immediately picked up. I truly don't think I could have had that experience without Angela's help."

-- Ellen O'Connell, author of Body Lessons

“Angela worked with me to helped refine many of the ideas hidden within my writing that I had not realized I wanted to say. She was able to bring out the true nature of my writing and helped advance my novel.”

-- Brian Biunno

"Angela has provided a golden thread with which to anchor my writing, celebrating the good prose and working through the bad. Her guidance hasn’t just steered me in the right direction, but has opened up my mind, enabling me to be true to myself and to really get to my know myself as a writer. Angela has impacted my writing in such a way, both creatively and technically, that I feel empowered and fully able to create a work that I am eventually proud of. It’s been an invaluable journey and I really look forward to working with her for many years to come."

-- Rachel McClelland

"Angela was a powerful and insightful second set of eyes on my work. She highlighted countless areas of improvement - in grammar, in clarifying concepts, and in finding the voice, all while conveying a genuine sense of excitement for my work and its future impact on readers. I highly recommend working with Angela Palm."

--Colin Ryan, author of A Comedic Guide to Money

"I have benefitted from three essential platforms Angela provided...(1) the structure of a memoir workshop; (2) personal consultation and manuscript assistance and (3) the critical element of time, which, as it has passed, has enabled me to forge ahead on my own organizing the vast mess of journalling she originally assisted me with in my struggle to evolve. I have recently chinned my way up over the bar for submitting something...The credit is entirely hers. 

I don't know how to describe her gifts in plain, ordinary terms, except to say that editorially she has brought order out of chaos. The process of converting a journal to memoir is not for the faint of heart or the unskilled, and as a teacher and guide she provided the heart and the skills I needed."

--Toni Hill


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